The Loan Company

Assets you can use to apply for a loan: The Loan Company uses primarily the following paid up assets as surety for your loan. The more valuable the asset, the higher loan you can obtain:
– Cars
– Trailers
– Properties
– Bakkies
– Trucks
– Boats

Why use The Loan Company ?
Our aim is to assist individuals and companies that are seeking quick turnaround solutions for immediate and flexible short term loan solutions or bridging finance.
– The Loan Company is a privately owned and registered credit provider.
– The application process is extremely simple and hassle free.
– Your loan can be approved and paid out to you within the hour
– Flexible repayment schedules to suit your pocket.
– Minimum repayment period of 61 – 90 days
– APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 36% – 60% / Monthly Interest Rate of 5%