Kopano Kwik Cash -Zeerust

Kopano Kwik Cash is located in Zeerust and is registered credit provider (NCRCP 335) located.
The aim of the Company is to provide financial help to South Africans who are living in rural area to have access to same quality financial help as their
counterparts in the cities.

The loans are normally Short Term Loans repayable from 1 to 6 months.

Requirements for approval:
– Payslips for the past month
– 3 Month Bank Statement
– Proof of Identification through ID Book or Identification Card
– Your Bank Card to swipe and authorise the debit order
– Your Cell Phone and Your Cell Phone Number to verify your contact details

Contact at: –
Address: 10 Voortrekker St, Zeerust, 2865
Phone: 018 642 1659