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Vodacom Bursary

Vodacom bursary which was started in 1999, was aimed at addressing the ICT skills shortage in South Africa and benefits more than 50 students with bursaries every year to study in fields with scarce skills.

The Bursary targets top-achieving students from disadvantaged communities who are chosen to study in the ICT and engineering sectors.This bursary covers covers Full Tuition, Books, Accommodation and meals.

Since the bursary was started in 1999, more than 1 000 bursaries have been awarded.The following fields of study are covered and applicants can apply if they intend to gain a qualification in the said areas:-

Engineering and Operations:

Information Technology:

Applicants must meet the following requirements qualify:

For further information, email externalbursars@vodacom.co.za or download the application form online.

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