Nedbank Student Loans

Visit any Nedbank branch and apply for Nedbank Student Loan and make your dream of becoming a prominent lawyer, doctor or designer come true.It does not matter what your career aspirations are, because with Nedbank Student Loan you are already where you aspirations directs you.

Nedbank requires you to have a guarantor to help you pay your monthly interest if you are a fulltime student seeking Nedbank Student loan.

Your guarantor will need to have a Nedbank transactional account, as their main account. And if they don’t have one, they can be helped to open one quickly and easily.South Africa identity document.Proof of current residential address (for FICA purposes), Marital status declaration, Latest payslip, Three months bank statement (if non-Nedbank client), An income and expenditure statement.

As an loan applicant you will need Your latest exam results, Proof of registration at a SAQA-accredited tertiary institution, An invoice or statement for university fees, textbooks, and accommodation. (for campus or university accredited accommodation only), Letter of necessity for any study-related equipment, Co-habitation form obtained from a branch (for FICA purposes), An Unlocked.Me Student Account (This, as well as a student loan account, will be opened after your student loan application has been approved).

Features and benefits when you take the Nedbank Student Loan offer:-

  • A great interest rate with flexible repayment options.
  • If I’m a fulltime student, or still busy with an internship or articles, my guarantor only pays back the interest on my loan.
  • To only start paying back your loan once my studies are complete.
  • Optional competitive credit life cover in the case of death or disablement.
  • Parttime students need to make both interest and capital repayments while studying.

To apply for your Nedbank Student Loan, you and your guarantor must bring the above mentioned documents to your nearest Nedbank branch or call  0860 555 111 for more info.